Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is VIDEO DATE an 18 and over APPLICATION?
A. YES! I recommend you reading the Terms and Conditions / Privacy agreement.

Q. How do you regulate members?
A. VIDEO DATE does not do background checks nor does it review each individual. VIDEO DATE has a legal disclaimer that releases liability before becoming a new member. Each member must agree to the VIDEO DATE'S TERMS AND CONDITIONS before proceeding and becoming a member. If the person does not agree upon the VIDEO DATE'S TERMS AND CONDITION they can not become a member. The members help the VIDEO DATE'S team regulate members by informing our team if a member is inappropriate.

Q. Is my privacy protected? How?
A. Yes! nobody can access your private information and VIDEO DATE does not track or log any information you post or pass in messaging. The interaction you have with others is restricted and personal information is not revealed. The live video interaction is through email and nobody else can intercept nor can anybody see your email address or access any information.

Q. What network works best with VIDEO DATE?
A. Well VIDEO DATE works on all networks: 3g, 4g and WiFi but It works best on the WiFi network.

A. VIDEO DATE is completely free

Q. How do I protect myself from inappropriate members?
A. GOOD QUESTION: Well when searching for people or if people VIEW, MESSAGE or want to REQUEST you if they are inappropriate, soliciting, have a fake profile, or display nudity you can REPORT A CONCERN. That will immediately block them from you & you from them. After reported both parties are reviewed.

Q. How do I receive messages when I'm not actively in the program?
A. You're push notifications should be turned on and then you will receive incoming notifications.

A. Yes!

Q. IF VIDEO DATE uses GPS is my privacy protected?
A. Yes! there is no maps or directions connecting members it's a helpful tool to let you (the member) know how far away / close to the other member you are.

Q. What is the request section for?
A. Anytime somebody looks, glances at your profile they pop-up on your viewed me section. You can erase unwanted or old views as well.

Q. How does the VIEW ME section work?
A. The REQUEST section is for members interested in each other: where they have the option to accept or deny requests to become LIVE VIDEO CHATTING friends.

Q. In the messaging section it shows I can send a PICTURE message?
A. Yes! The members who accept and become VIDEO DATE friends can message each other pictures at anytime and it is instant. If you are off the program and are VIDEO DATE friends you can RECEIVE a QUICK TEXT BOX where you can SEND PICTURES, READ MESSAGES, and VIDEO CALL the SENDER.